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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Birthday Surprise!!

I just finished this cute "Curious George Inspired" set for a sweet little girl to wear to her birthday party! She liked the "Birthday Surprise" book, so I based my tribute on it. I love this series as well.

This set is handpainted all over with splashy artwork. The birthday is her third, so I added the "3's" and the shabby ruffle is in my signature Birthday Cake Pink! Love it

I hope she has a great party and enjoys her set!


maddysmommy said...

Madelynn loves her outfit and so does everyone else. Thank you for making something so unique that we can always treasure and remember the special day we had celebrating her 3rd birthday.

Lisa Wissinger said...

I love this outfit! My little one is going to be three and is having a Curious George themed birthday as well. I would love to talk about an outfit...




Hey! That's Cute!


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