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Monday, August 30, 2010

A few More Embroidered Monogram Pillows

Remember when I did the blog give away with Barefoot by the Sea? Well, the owner of that lovely blog ordered these two monogrammed pillows for gifts! I added the "barefeet by the Sea" one as a bonus since she was so nice to with the give away! These little pillows are my best selling item right now!

Halloween Already????

I just completed these fairy sets for some sweet girls who are going to a Disney Party! I made the two full sets for two cousins, and the smaller wings and wand are for the little sister. This order was from an Etsy Alchemy bid. Lots of glitter and fluff! I was pleased with the wings! I opted against the standard covered wire (ouch) for a softer version. Handpainted, of course!

A Birthday Surprise!!

I just finished this cute "Curious George Inspired" set for a sweet little girl to wear to her birthday party! She liked the "Birthday Surprise" book, so I based my tribute on it. I love this series as well.

This set is handpainted all over with splashy artwork. The birthday is her third, so I added the "3's" and the shabby ruffle is in my signature Birthday Cake Pink! Love it

I hope she has a great party and enjoys her set!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Riddle: What Do You Get When You Mix a Princess, a Pony, And a Fairy?

Answer: Three more items checked off my "Custom Order List"!

Sorry about that one, but I am swimming in custom orders right now and am thrilled when I can ship out a group! Here are pics, more to come!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Velvet Harvest!

I recently won an alchemy bid on Etsy for these velvet pumpkins. I thought it was a lovely idea at the time. I had made a similar pumpkin for my daughters class back in Elementary school. Since then ,I have seen so many of these on the web! I had no idea they were such a "hot" item! I made mine in assorted velvets, velveteens, and velour. I was...ahem...."stumped" for a stump, however. It is not quite pumpkin season here, and I had no idea where to find real stems! I did my standard... I improvised with random materials until I came up with my faux stems for my faux pumpkins! What do you all think?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh, Yes, Another Teacher Sign!!

Just shipped today! This is for a High School Teacher! Lots of teacher customs lately!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Last week was a WHOPPER! Monday we started back to school. Tuesday and Wednesday were our first of the new year Diva Do's classes. We had spent all three days of our Tax Free weekend shopping for back to school, in three different towns! I had a good week on Etsy, and am working on my Fall wholesale orders for my clothing that I sell to boutiques. I am exhausted, but we have to start back Monday! Here are a few customs I shipped this week. Now, I need a new project for class on Tuesday.......

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Blog Give Away Winner!!!!

If you are a reader here, you saw my post a awhile back about the blog give away I participated in on Barefoot By The Sea. The winner was chosen, and I have shipped her pillow to her. She wanted a "C" with a little frog. She wanted green, pink and lavender. Here is the finished item!

Congrats to you, Crystal! Hope she loves it! Thanks so very much to everyone who entered the give away! I hope I can do another one soon!!!



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