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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Now, That's An Easter Basket!

One of my Fav clients wanted some special Easter baskets for her children. She asked me to decorate these for her twins. They will use them for Easter Bunny Goodies, but also later for storage in their rooms! I did my own technique of "Paper Applique" over handpainting. I used a wonderful sealer that gives a hard glasslike shine!
The fishing themed one is actually a baby boy gift for a friend of hers. The Dad is a Pro Fisherman! I think I will have to make some of these for "Art On The Lake" coming up in April!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Want to see Something...WONDERFUL?

Aren't these great? My daughter just finished a competition with these beautiful Alice in Wonderland pieces. She got First Place for the "Books are WONDERFUL" portrait of Alice for 2-dimensional, and First Place for 3-dimensional for "Bad HARE Day" which is the mixed media collage in the old window frame. (I love the funny quote in the picture)
The Wonderland necklace and the "A Wonderful Book" book sculpture were additional items in this series she made with an old copy of the story and vintage and hand sculpted items. She competed with these last two at the Jr. Beta Club convention this week in Mobile, AL. (She actually won a first place trophy there with another collage for Mixed Media, but that is another subject.) She used the old book pages for the background of the portrait and the book remnant for the sculpture. She sculpted all of the characters and items in the collage.
This contest was Winterfest Jr. which is a county wide art competition for students from K-12. She is in the seventh grade, and has placed first in this competition for three years in a row!
I just wanted to brag a little..Thanks for listening!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


My latest Etsy listing is this sweet Bluebird Pillow! She has a little song note and a 3-D flower too! More of my freehand embroidery using Vintage Wool Yarn is in my shop! Come on over! Tweet!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

SQUEAL with Delight!

I listed this little Pig Pillow on Etsy this morning. It is my newest in my Vintage Wool Freehand Embroidery line. I browsed the site for about 10 minutes, returned to see if anyone had viewed my new listing and it had SOLD!!!!
I am so excited! I wanted you all to see it since I am now packaging it up to ship today! Squeal!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Custom Work This Week

These are a few Custom Orders I've shipped this week. The "Perfect Pink Pigs" are one of my Fav's! The "Merry Mermaid" embroidered pillow is more of my new line of Silly Stitching wool embroidery. Lots more yet to do!

How Delightful!

I stumbled on this blog post yesterday that featured me and my Etsy shop on their blog! Thanks guys! That was Fabulous! Visit their Etsy shop as well!
Darling Feature!




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