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Saturday, October 31, 2009

WHOOOOO IS Special??

Well This Owl Ornament certainly is! I was so honored to win the order for this One-Of-A-Kind Owl Ornament in Etsy's Alchemy! This client wanted a special Owl ornament for her two year old daughter. Well, I started with hand-dyed crushed velvet, hot pink, and made the stuffed body. Then I made the wings out of silk in an earthy iridescent brown. The wings have both machine and hand embroidery. The beak and feet are sculpted out of clay and painted. The eyes are glass with wonky stitched eyelids. The ear tufts are wool roving, hand stitched! The little feathers on the chest are pink sequins sewn on with french knots over scraps of printed linen. The hanger is a silk ribbon tied in a bow that also holds the tag with the child's name. There are sweet little furry tufts on top of the wings and beak. The eyes have stitched wool circles around them. The branch is a rolled piece of wool for her delicate toes to grasp. I am so proud of her, it was very HARD to let her go. And, by the way, she happens to be my very first "out of the country" order! She has gone to Canada! Thanks so much Sara! I hope Josephine loves her owl! I really Loved making her!
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Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

I can see why you won! It's adorable. Great job. The child will love it. ; )

icandy... said...

Oh wow! That is just fantastic! Great job and Happy Halloween!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute hoot!!



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